Why The NCAA Needs To Pay Former Players, Not Just The Current Ones

The continuing debate about whether high-level collegiate basketball and football players should be paid seems to be moving in the direction of these athletes receiving some form of compensation above their scholarship. In the last year we have seen steps towards forming a college athletes' union, and increased… » 3/18/14 1:50pm 3/18/14 1:50pm

Study: Live Animal Mascots Are Worth Millions To College Football

At its core, the mascot is about building a community around a team, or at least insofar as that community drives merchandise revenue. As we saw yesterday, some mascots do this better than others. And some of the most beloved also seem to be the most valuable. » 12/20/13 2:45pm 12/20/13 2:45pm

Do Native American Mascots Actually Cost Their Teams Money?

The "face of the franchise" debate in sports is always a curious one, because no matter how popular or talented a player might be, his face is not the one on the team's uniforms or merchandise. That is reserved for the mascot—the unnamed, disembodied heads adorning uniforms, as well as the Philly Phanatics and Mr.… » 12/19/13 2:30pm 12/19/13 2:30pm